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Tournament of Friends Skills Competition


There will be four (4) events at each age level.  Each Team shall select two players to compete in each event. Each player may only compete in one individual event.  The entire team should be present as some events will utilize additional players.


Hardest shot- Just like in the NHL, the competing player can skate in and do a slap shot or remain stationary and do a wrist shot. Speed will be measured by radar. Two (2) shots per player. Hardest shot wins.


Fastest skater- Each skater will complete one full timed lap around the rink.  Fastest time wins.


Shot accuracy- A 5 hole net will be in the crease.  The competing player will be stationed in the slot, with 2 players on the goal line.  While being timed, the two players on the goal line will alternate making five (5) passes to the competing player in the slot who will receive the passes and shoot on the 5 hole net.  Best shot percentage wins; fastest time is tiebreaker.   


Goalie challenge- each team's goalies will have a shootout competition against one entire team. Team vs goalie assignment will be decided at time of skill competition, with the goalie from the team having the point lead in the division getting first choice of team to take shots from.  The competition will proceed with a standard shootout format, but with every player on the shooting team getting one opportunity on the competing goalie.  The goalie with the best save percentage wins.  


Approximate schedule:

  • 10U Squirts 7:30-8:15
  • 12U PeeWee 8:30-9:15
  • 14U Bantam 9:30-10:30