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We are looking forward to hosting your team at the 2022 Tournament of Friends in Decatur, IL.  Please see our attached schedule and rules.  Home teams will wear dark jerseys.
Locker Rooms:
Locker rooms will be posted on the white board near the Welcome Table.
Penalty Box:
Please have a penalty box volunteer for each of your games.
MVP Pucks:
The Scorekeeper or Timekeeper will give a MVP puck to a coach on each bench at the end of the game. The coaches will decide which player on the opposing team will receive the puck. Coaches can award MVP pucks based on whatever criteria they choose, such as highest scorer, most skilled player and/or best sportsmanship. Coaches will make sure this player has not previously received one during this same tournament. There will be a quick presentation by calling the 2 players out on the ice, and they will receive the MVP Puck and get fist bumps from the coaches and applause from teammates.
Rules are attached.  Please remember that prior to the start of every game, a coach from each team must come to the Score Box to verify the information on the official score sheet and sign the score sheet.
Skills Competition:
Player can participate in only one event except for the Shoot Out Challenge. Two players from each team per event. Coaches will select their own players to compete. Medal for 1st Place only. We will try to do all five events if time permits. There are separate times scheduled for 10U and 14U.
  1. Fastest Lap
  2. Hardest Shot (using radar)
  3. Shooting Accuracy (using 5 hole targets)
  4. Passing Accuracy (using obstacles, distance, etc.)
  5. Agility (using obstacle course)
  6. Goalie (via Shoot Out Challenge)
Saturday Night Meal:
We have arranged for a meal for each player and one parent. Due to COVID, we will be doing this differently than in past years. Each meal will consist of a 1/2 Torpedo, chips, and a drink. A Torpedo (from La Gondola) is a delicious combination of ham, salami, cheese, and lettuce on freshly baked Italian style bread.
50/50 Drawing and Chuck-A-Puck:
Please let your team know about our 50/50 Drawing and Chuck-A-Puck. These are cash only.
If your team ordered t-shirts, we will distribute the shirts to your manager to give to your players and families.
We do have LiveBarn! You can check out livebarn.com for details.
Thank you again for participating and encouraging good sportsmanship in our 31st Tournament of Friends!